Since its foundation the Commission has sought a diverse membership from the entire spectrum of military history. It is drawn from those working in military history in universities, museums, archives, defence and the armed forces as well as the media, heritage and cultural studies. It also includes independent scholars and enthusiasts contributing to a wide range of activities.

New Members

The Commission welcomes applications from all those wishing to contribute to its object: The object of the BCMH is to promote through research, publication and discussion the understanding of military history in the broadest sense, without restriction as to period or region.

Application is to the Membership Secretary by means of a standard application form. Prospective members are normally sponsored by an existing member of the Commission or other individual known to the Committee but the Committee welcomes membership applications from any individual with an interest in contributing to the activities of the Commission.

Applications will be considered from any individual who is prepared to demonstrate a commitment to the Object of the Commission and a willingness to contribute to conferences, publications and the activities of the Commission.

There are two levels of Membership within the Commission, Ordinary and Honorary.

Ordinary membership is open to anyone who is able to demonstrate that they can contribute to the object of the Commission and contribute to its activities.

Honorary Membership is normally limited to existing members of the Commission who have given clearly exceptional service to the Commission or to the cause of military history more generally. No subscription is payable by honorary members.

Applicants should note that their application cannot be confirmed until they have:

  • Authorised a Standing Order for their subscription in favour of the Commission Bankers-Order-2018
  • Confirmed the e-mail address by which they intend to receive communications from the Commission

The annual subscription is currently £30 per annum, payable on 1 January. A reduced £15 subscription in payable by members elected after the Commission’s summer conference in the first half year of election.

Although based in and carrying out its activities in the United Kingdom, membership is not limited to British nationals as long as applicants are able to participate in the activities of the Commission. If not, prospective members are encouraged to seek membership of their own national commission for military history.

For more information please refer to the BCMH Constitution. To apply for membership of the British Commission for Military History, please download and fill in the attached form APPLICATION-FOR-MEMBERSHIP-v.Sep2020 FINAL .

Once complete, please email to:

Tim Gale