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The British Journal for Military History

The British Journal for Military History (BJMH) British Journal for Military History (gold.ac.uk) is the scholarly journal of the British Commission for Military History (BCMH) established in support of the Commission’s Object, to ‘promote through research, publication and discussion the understanding of military history in the broadest sense, without restriction as to period or region.’  The BJMH is entirely owned by the BCMH.

The BJMH is an Open Access, peer-reviewed journal, which delivers high quality scholarship in military history to an audience both within and beyond academia.  It encourages input from a wide range of authors, both within and outside formal academia on all aspects of military history (broadly conceived).

The BJMH encourages article submissions from a variety of scholars and authors regardless of their academic background. For those papers that demonstrate great promise and significant research but are offered by authors who have yet to publish or who need further editorial support, the editorial team is willing to offer mentoring and guidance to ensure an article’s successful publication.

The BCMH is particularly keen to consider articles on subjects that might not ordinarily receive much attention but which clearly show the topic has been properly researched and for which the author does not receive any external financial support.

Further information about the journal, including current and past issues can be viewed here.  To contact the Co-editors please send an email to: editor@bcmh.org.uk