Call for Papers – First World War at Sea

The First World War at Sea, 1914-19

Conference at the National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, UK

3-4 June 2016

The National Maritime Museum, The British Commission for Military History, and The British Commission for Maritime History are jointly organizing an international conference on the First World War at sea, to be held at Greenwich in June 2016.

While there have recently been a number of conferences and publications looking at land-based histories of the First World War, there has been relatively little consideration of the war at sea, its significance and its broader contexts. In the centenary year of the Battle of Jutland, The First World War at Sea seeks to address this lacuna through papers that will address the breadth and complexity of the maritime sphere, 1914–19.

The organizers welcome proposals that explore political, strategic, tactical, operational, cultural, social, institutional, economic, and industrial contexts – the list is not definitive. The organizers would encourage proposals that move beyond solely British issues and perspectives.

Possible panels might include papers exploring:

  • The Battle of Jutland, its aftermath, and consequences.
  • The British Empire and the sea during the war.
  • New operational perspectives on the Royal Navy, from the surface fleet to the submarine service, RNAS, RND and WRNS.
  • The history of naval science and technology.
  • Economic and industrial studies of the Great War at sea.
  • The consequences of the war for naval command and leadership.
  • The merchant marines and the war effort.
  • The social history of the wartime navy afloat and ashore.
  • The Navy and national identity from pre-war years to the Geddes Axe.
  • Experiences of the war at sea for personnel and merchant mariners.
  • The memorialization of the war at sea.
  • Papers will be considered for publication in special issues of the British Journal for Military History and the Journal for Maritime History.

Convenors: George Bailey (BCMH), Quintin Colville (NMM), Jennifer Daley (BCMH), Lizelle de Jager (NMM) and Professor Andrew Lambert (KCL).

The deadline for paper proposals is 1 December 2015. Please send a 200-word abstract and a 100-word biography to:

Lizelle de Jager,
Research Executive,
National Maritime Museum,
London SE10 9NF.

Tel:  +44 (0) 20 8312 6716