Call for Papers, Wellington Congress 2019

The University of Southampton will be holding its Seventh Wellington Congress 12-14 April 2019. Keynote speakers will include Professor Andrew Lambert, Professor Charles Esdaile, Dr Alicia Laspra and Dr Richard Gaunt. Proposals are invited for papers on all aspects of the career of th
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Wellington’s Mules

An article by Dick Tennant about a fundamental aspect of logistics from ancient times and still very relevant in the Napoleonic period - and beyond.... Wellington's Mules     Picture credit
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Military Music of the Napoleonic Wars

This post relates to an ongoing project to recapture the military music of the Napoleonic Wars by Dick Tennant and others. Bate Military Music Ensemble   Napoleonic Military Music Music of Wellington's Regiments CD Review Music of the Allies by Philip Haythornthwaite   Bate Ensemble l
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